Size: 10 km2
Altitude: 0 to 85 m above sea level
Distance to Malaga: 29 km
Average sunshine per day: 8.08 hrs
Population: 6,200
Inhabitants: Algarrobeños

The pretty white village of Algarrobo is situated 37 kilometres east of Malaga and just 5 minutes from the sea. Algarrobo Pueblo is 4 kilometres inland and 85 metres above sea level. It lies within the area of Axarquia, on the scenic route of sun and wine, and has a residential population of 4,600.

Algarrobo Pueblo retains much of its Moorish influence with narrow streets bedecked with flowers, plants and panoramic views. The mountain stream, the Rio Algarrobo meanders through the village, past its Tropical Park and Olympic size public swimming pool. The parish church of Santa Ana dates back to 1505 although the current structure was built in the 17th century. The village has prehistoric origins and remains of Bronze Age, Phoenician and Roman artifacts have been unearthed at El Morro de Mezquitilla. A little to the east, at Chorreras, there are more Phoenician sites dating back to the 8th and 7th centuries BC. Also, at Trayamar Necropolis, Phoenician and Punic tombs from the 8th century have been found along with ruins of a city from the 10th century BC. Now it is a tranquil and charming village locally famous for its ginger and olive cakes. Despite an excellent location and wealth of amenities this village has not suffered from rampant development and an influx of tourists – it really is an undiscovered gem.

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