This small sleepy village is situated on a hilltop (579 metres above sea level) between two riverbeds and amidst high mountains, and is approx 39 kilometres from Velez-Malaga. With a population of 400 the main source of income is from agriculture, especially olives and almonds, with large areas covered by vineyards.

The name of the village is Latin in origin and comes from ¨Salaria Bastitanorum,¨ due to the existence of salt beds in the surrounding area at one time. However its layout is clearly inherited from the days of Arab rule. The Moors built a small fortress right in the village, of which one of the towers remains, near the church, forming part of the house called Del Torreon´. The Church of Santa Ana, dating from the 16th century, is the most architecturally important building in the village. It was built in the Mudejar style, with a central nave and a simple cross shaped ground plan.

The houses are extraordinarily beautiful; some of them are whitewashed and others are decorated with tiles depicting different religious images and the Way of the Cross. A Roman bridge still crosses over the River Salares, a water course which used to link up to the mule tracks to Alhama.